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About Brian Malachy Quinn

Brian Quinn is an Illustrator of Magazines and Books

If you do not see what you like in the Illustrations page , what I have already created, I will create per your concepts what you want, in a timely fashion.  Actually I have always completed my work well before deadlines and the quality of my art is always to the editors' great satisfaction.  Let me know your ideas.

Send me a message via the Contact page or email at


I started drawing and painting at an early age and began taking lessons at age nine.  I have been influenced by many great artists such as Leonardo, Beatrix Potter, N.C. Wyeth and Arthur Rackham just to name a few. You can see those influences in my work.  I enjoy doing both realistic and fanciful representations of animals and people in watercolors, digital, pen and ink, block prints and etchings.  I live in Stow, Ohio with my family including my rescue cats: Sebastian and Missy who rule the roost.


Education and Work History


I have a BS and MS in Physics (MS concentrations of Theoretical and Computational Physics) and an MBA in Finance.  I have been a researcher in polymer engineering, polymer science, optical engineering and radiation oncology  I taught for ten years at the University of Akron in the Physics Department.  I currently work in Finance.  I have sold ten speculative fiction short stories to date.

Me FB Second 1.17.2023.jpg
Quinn Art Show Figurative Award 2022.jpg
Quinn B Chaos Theory.jpg
Quinn Award Animal Art Show 2022 International.jpg
Lion Family Portrait 2.jpg
Art Compettition Color Award 2022.jpg
BQuinn Of Fire and Ice Two.jpg
Art Award Open 2022.jpg
QuinnB Revolution Final.jpg
Art  Award Water 2023.jpg
QuinnB Reflections.jpg
Art Award Animal 2023.jpg
QuinnB His Pride.jpg
Art Award Portrait 2023.jpg
QuinnB The Enchantress.jpg
Art Award Color 2023.jpg
QuinnB The Fury.jpg
Art Award Open 2023.jpg
QuinnB Alpha and Omega.jpg
QuinnB The Fury.jpg

Exhibizone Inspirations 2023  Exhibition

BQuinn Of Fire and Ice Two.jpg

Artistonish Issue 32 March 2023

QuinnB The Fury.jpg

Gallerium Life and Death 2023 Exhibition

QuinnB Reflections.jpg

Gallerium Time 2023 Exhibition

QuinnB And Peace Spread Across the Land.jpg

Gallerium Wings 2023 Exhibition

QuinnB Reflections.jpg

Gallerium Annual Prize Exhibit 2023

Art Competition Award Animal 7th 2023.jpg
QuinnB Indomitable.jpg
Art Award Portrait 7th 2023.jpg
QuinnB Queen of the Abyss.jpg
Art Award Figurative 2023 talent.jpg
QuinnB The Mermaid.jpg
Art Award Water 4th 2023.jpg
QuinnB The Slippage of Time.jpg
Art Award Color September Honorable 2023.jpg
QuinnB Oracle of Deanius Major.jpg
Art Award Open 8th 2023.jpg
Dragon Kingdom
Art Award Animal 8th November 2023.jpg
QuinnB Majestic Cheetah At Rest.jpg
Art Award Gallery 4% Open Distiction December 2023.jpg
Lion Family Portrait 2.jpg
Art Award Figurative December 2023 Honorable.jpg
QuinnB Galactic Hitchhiker.jpg
Art Award Gallery 4% Porrait Distinction January 2024.jpg
QuinnB January.jpg
Quinn Art Award Gallery Four Percent Animal Disctinction March 2024.jpg
QuinnB Shanny.jpg
Art Award 4% Open Distinction March 2024.jpg
QuinnB Alpha and Omega.jpg
Art Award Color April 2024 Terarvarna Honorable Mention.jpg
QuinnB End Times.jpg
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